When Your Head Falls

by Prayer Chain

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released November 25, 2014

Recorded by Spencer Mattlin at Dino Rock Recordings
Co-mixed by Spencer Mattlin and David Voss
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering



all rights reserved


Prayer Chain Florida

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Track Name: Too Sweet To Sing
A heavenly face facing me is beaming brighter than my day has ever seen. A melody too sweet to sing could seep inside my head to keep me from fading. Will we sing?

A buzzing bee buzzing around me keeps on stressing and wrestling through my needs. Can I kill it please? In my hand, I squeeze. My memory of you oozing out when my palms release. I release.

This melody, it could be a tangled and mangled web that I've somehow weaved. You plead and plead as you bleed. You entered through my head so in my fist crushed, you can leave. You can leave.
Track Name: Sewing
Waiting to find a face so cross that I hate it. I spit my words out you, they miss and hit the pavement. She thought of a comforting love and she replaced it with my smiling face, but now I fake it.

Spending to hide that my healthy smile is quickly ending. She viewed me as a crutch to help her mending. I'm self-fixable so I'll mend so sadly, but sewing at my own arm can hurt so badly.

If you leave, I hope you glow. I'm satisfied you let him know. A memory, we can stay, but such a white hot thought won't fade.
Track Name: Larvae
I'd let you go, but you hit soul. I never noticed it or how it felt right. I'd let you go, but you hit home, beating and breaking it until it smashed right. Just please, go. You're slipping slow. Down my trunk you go, un-affecting my soul.

You dig your beak into my thick skull, repeatedly tapping at my soul. Can you stop pecking at my coffin? Can you just leave me alone?
Track Name: When Your Head Falls
A lifted breath, beating on my will to feel. Just know that when your head falls, you are safe. I rid my chest of every positive breath. I bet that when you fall, you won't breathe death.

Drifting, dreaming, beaming
Calling, falling, stalling

I wouldn't jump, it's just nice to be aware that it's there. I hope that when i fall, I'll land on you. I then breathe out a sturdy sigh of relief and grief; and hope that when I fall, my head hits the street.